What is a DRP?

If your insurance company informs you that the collision shop of your choice is a DRP for them, this means that your shop is part of a Direct Repair Program for that insurance company. You are well within your rights to ask your insurance company if your preferred shop is a member of their Direct Repair Program.

If you choose to have the work done at a Direct Repair Facility, it enables you to bypass having to wait for an adjuster to come and look at your vehicle and (in most cases) allows the shop to write the estimate as the Insurance adjuster. The shop will take pictures of your vehicle, write the estimate, and submit an signed authorization from the customer to repair the vehicle. This process tends to be speedier than the traditional route.

*NOTE: An insurance company can request that you go to their Direct Repair Facility for an estimate quote. You as the customer and owner of the vehicle have the option of going to the DRP Facility. Remember - each company has adjusters that will come out and estimate your vehicle.

We are a Direct Repair Facility for most major insurance companies. The bottom line is that it is your choice where to have your vehicle repaired. No one else's. Here at Vashaw's Collision our customers are our first priority. We work for YOU, not the insurance companies. When your vehicle repairs are completed it has our personal GUARANTEE on it that you will be satisfied


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